Dragonblade will now have two publishing lines!


Dragonblade TEMPEST is the line for all of the heavy-duty passion and sex you’ve come to expect from historical romance. When you see the TEMPEST logo on the cover, you know it’s going to be hot and sweaty. That’s a good thing!

Dragonblade SWEET DREAMS line will be all of the great romance without the sex. Your daughter can read it and you can be confident that there’s nothing graphic in it. Some publishers call this an ‘inspirational’ line, but that can refer also to a religious element, which these books won’t be geared towards. They will be sweet and romantic and lovely for everyone to read!

So look for the TEMPEST and SWEET DREAMS logo on Dragonblade covers to help you determine the content.

Happy reading!

Dragonblade would like to welcome two new authors!

Dragonblade is thrilled to welcome two new authors to our family – Mary Lancaster and Lynn Winchester. We’re particularly thrilled to have these wonderful authors to help kick off our new ‘sweet’ romance line – Dragonblade SWEET DREAMS.

Sweet romances have all of the romances of a heavy-duty romance novel, but that ‘passion’┬ástops at the bedroom door. Kisses and heart-swelling romance galore, but none of the graphic sex. Books like these are suitable for girls, teenagers, and everyone else who likes a little kissing but blushes at anything more. These are lovely, romantic stories for everyone to enjoy!

Mary and Lynn are two fabulous authors that you’ll want to read!