The Sentinel by Avril Borthiry

It’s true that behind every operation are humans with human failings. This morning, a post was made about Avril Borthiry’s “The Sentinel”, her new release, and the description mentioned “immorality” – when it should have said “immortality”. That “T” was critical! There is nothing immoral in this wonderful book, which the unfortunate typo conveyed.

Now that you know it’s not a story of debauchery and immorality, we have a special treat for you – you can now¬†enter to win a FREE ebook copy of THE SENTINEL on Amazon, so click on the link and enter to win!

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It’s Release Day!

Dragonblade is excited to announce two new releases today –

Thief of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin

The Sentinel by Avril Borthiry

Although these books are in different genres, they appeal to a wide range of readers, so if you love romance and adventure, and a bit of excitement and mystery, then you’ll love both of these novels by two very talented writers.

Thief of the Night Guild is Book Two in the Queen of Thieves series, a Dark Grim Fantasy series revolving around a young girl sucked into the treachery of a organized crime guild. It’s up to her to survive.

The Sentinel is Book Three in the Legends of Love series, a very different romance series involving immortality and curses and symbolism. Not to be missed!

Pick up your copies on Amazon today!

The Sentinel

Thief of the Night Guild