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Captive of the Corsairs by Elizabeth Ellen Carter (Regency)
Captive of the Corsairs on Amazon

The Sentinel by Avril Borthiry (Ancient World Romance)
The Sentinel on Amazon

Thief of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin (Dark Grim Fantasy)
Thief of the Night Guild on Amazon

Congratulations to Avril Borthiry on her newest pre-order, THE SENTINEL

Condemned by an ancient spell, Turi has wandered the earth for thirteen centuries. Thirteen hundred years of regret, loneliness, and anguish. He has paid the price. Served his sentence. Endured a punishment brought about by a tragic betrayal.

Now, as his torturous existence draws to a close, Turi returns to the land of his birth, eager to find the peace that has eluded him for so long.

Cristen St. Clair is a fugitive. Alone and defenseless, she is easy prey for men who would do her harm – until an enigmatic warrior comes to her aid.

It is a fated meeting. Turi and Cristen each have something to offer – and they each have something to hide.

But before their shocking secrets are even brought to light, they are faced with another daunting challenge. The Black Death has already decimated the lands across the narrow sea. It is merciless. Deadly.

And it has just arrived on England’s southern shores.

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